tap network

To make sure that the network system performs at its peak, the network administrators create a network using various taps (traffic analysis points). A network consisting of various taps is referred to as tap network. This tap network is formed strategically on a network for a number of reasons, following are some of them:

  • Full Network Diagnosis – in case you using fiber optic net and you are still facing slower network speeds, you can place an optical tap between network uplink and a switch to fully diagnose the network system of any faults by means of monitoring software. This is a very effective method of monitoring your network system rather than having a look at the logs displayed at your average switch web interface.
  • Effective Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Monitoring – use of optical tap network offers a great way to protect your network from attacks by hackers or viruses and malwares. The tap network will help you narrow down the vulnerable areas in the network for better screening and better protection.
  • Unobstructive Monitoring – optical tap networks are very handy when it comes to real time monitoring of the data. There is no chance of system slow down or system stoppage. There is no need to provide power supply to the various taps connected in the tap network, especially if you are using the passive optical taps.
  • Cost Cutting – another great advantage of using the passive taps in your tap network is that you can cut down your expenses. There is no need to completely shut down the whole system and install a new one, by using the tap network you can quickly diagnose where the problem is and then handle it efficiently to make the system up and running at all times.

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